Basic Operation

  • Press button once to turn on.
  • Press button twice in quick succession to turn off.
  • Hold button down to adjust dimming.

Changing Artwork

  • A small suction cup is included and is in the charger bag.
  • To remove artwork, adhere dry suction cup to the center of the artwork and with a quick, short and smooth motion pull straight up one inch or just enough for the artwork to release from handbag.
  • Install the artwork like a bicycle tire. Begin by pushing an edge of the artwork under the frame and use your finger to slip around the frame, finessing the artwork into place.
  • Be careful both in removal and installation that the artwork is not creased. 
  • Use included lens cleaning cloth to remove smudges.


  • When plugged in, charger should have a solid green LED.
  • When connected to Luminare and charging, LED changes to red.
  • When charging is complete, LED turns green again.
  • Charging requires about 4 hours.
  • For long term storage, 50% charge is recommended. This is a full night's use under normal circumstances.

Registration and Login

  • To register your handbag or login to your account on most modern smart phones, take a picture of the interior light graphic. It contains a QR code that your phone will use to open the registration screen, or the login screen if you are already registered. 
  • If you are registering for the first time, you can verify you are logging in to the correct account by checking the Serial Number against the one on the interior light graphic as shown in red on the adjacent image.
  • The contact information you provide during this process will be used for your customer account, mailing list and warranty registration.